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Kate Doesn't Care For the Rainforest Cafe

Kate Doesn't Care For the Rainforest Cafe

We drove from St. Pete Beach to Orlando on Wednesday afternoon, with the plan of a swim at the hotel, then dinner, then an early bed in order to prepare for a full day at the Magic Kingdom. Our hotel proved to be only a couple of blocks from Downtown Disney, so we headed there for dinner.

It was here we made perhaps our biggest blunder of the trip. Rainforest Cafe? Sure! The kids'll love the animals and the faux rainstorm.

Oops. Turns out, every time the animatronic animals did their thing (which is every 20 minutes), the kids freaked. Especially Kate. And especially with the elephants, who haunt her to this day. A full week later she's still telling me that "the elephants made noise for a long long time."